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Do you have questions about sharemagazines or need technical support? Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and many other tips and hints.

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How does sharemagazines work?

Your customers, patients or guests can access the digital reading experience of sharemagazines free of charge and without registration via their own end device and read the most popular newspapers and magazines. Access is via your WLAN, QR codes for scanning or in-house solutions. With the entertainment offered by sharemagazines, you can make your waiting time pleasant and comfortable.

What advantages do I have as a sharemagazines location?

With sharemagazines you offer your customers, patients or guests the possibility to read their favourite newspaper or magazine digitally, hygienically and environmentally friendly on their own device at any time. Digital use allows you to offer a wide range of choices, while avoiding paper waste and saving on staff resources. Via the LocationHub you can design an individual LocationScreen and communicate current offers, news or events directly to your customers, patients or guests.

sharemagazines locations set an example in terms of digitalisation, hygiene and environmental friendliness and thus distinguish themselves from other locations. Use the entertainment offer to create an individual stay experience and improve the general satisfaction!

How many users can read in one location at the same time?

All readers can read as long and as often as they like, no matter how many people are in your location. The most popular newspapers and magazines are available in the sharemagazines library. sharemagazines can be used indefinitely!

How do I inform my customers about sharemagazines?

We offer you various ways to draw attention to sharemagazines. Whether reading columns, displays, posters or stickers – we have a suitable marketing package for every location to inform your customers, patients or guests in an appealing way. If you wish, we can also create individual advertising materials in your corporate design.

What technical requirements do I have to fulfil as a location?

sharemagazines digital reading experience can be set up easily and quickly on your premises. There is no technical effort for you. Three options are available for the set-up: Coupling via WiFi, provision via QR codes or integration into your own systems. Reading is then done digitally, hygienically and environmentally friendly via your own end device or your home solutions.

Can I integrate sharemagazines into existing systems?

Yes, basically sharemagazines can also be integrated into existing systems/user interfaces. Please contact us at any time. Together we will find a solution.

Is it possible to customise the sharemagazines platform and the advertising material in our own design?

Yes, we would be happy to customise the sharemagazines platform and advertising material for an additional charge. Please contact us at any time if you are interested.

Is it possible to provide a smaller selection of securities?

No, a small portfolio with a reduced number of titles is only available in the clinic area. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Together we will find a solution.

Is there also a model including print magazines?

No, not directly via sharemagazines. If you are also interested in print titles, please get in touch with your personal sharemagazines sales contact. We will put you in touch with the right person.

Can users download the content or read it off-site?

The use of sharemagazines is limited to your location. Within your premises, your customers, patients or guests can read for as long as they want. It is not possible to download the content or use it outside your location.

How do I find out whether and how much sharemagazines is used in my location?

We would be happy to inform you about the usage behaviour in your location. Please contact us at any time for current evaluations.

Is it possible for me, as the owner, to set up an account with which I can read everywhere?

With our admin account, you can keep track of the content of your digital reading experience at all times.

What does sharemagazines cost for me as a location?

Are you interested in becoming a location? sharemagazines costs from €49.90 per location / month. Feel free to contact us at any time. We will find a suitable price model for every type of location and every need.

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